Huntley Short Sale Specialist

Huntley Short Sale SpecialistA “Huntley Short Sale Specialist” is, by definition, somebody “who is highly trained and very experienced”, and this is specifically true when it comes to real estate. There are purchaser’s agents, REO representatives, villa agents, relocation agents, and each discipline features its’ own intricacies and subtleties. A REALTOR who specializes in short sale transactions is one who dedicates the majority of his/her time to that discipline.


Having an accreditation is important, however having a designation in short sale arrangements does not make one an expert. The lessons taught in the class do not always translate to real life. That being said, a Huntley real estate agent can not truly be considered a specialist without having taken the time and expense to obtain a certification in the short sale field.


More important than titles, experience is paramount for specifying what makes an agent a specialist. For short sales, an agent must have no less than forty effective short sale transactions under the belt and must be closing at least one transaction per month.


Ask your Huntley agent for recommendations. Ask the agent exactly how he manages his Huntley short sale listings. Managing even more than a half-dozen short sale listings alone is very hard and, without help, the procedure can break down.

What separates the newbies from the truly experienced Huntley Short Sale Specialist is how capable is the interested agent at negotiating will all the different lenders and seeing the transaction really close?

That’s exactly what it really boils down to is does the Huntley agent have the capability to protect a client from any additional financial obligations? It is not that hard to get an approval letter from a bank. It’s easy to get an approval letter from the lender but much harder to obtain an approval letter which states the bank waives its’ right to pursue a deficiency judgment.

For a Huntley Short Sale Realtor to consider himself really a “Huntley short sale specialist”, that must be the supreme goal: to protect for his customer the peace of mind that as soon as the offer is done, the headache is over and a fresh start can begin.

There are buyer’s agents, REO agents, vacation house representatives, relocation representatives, and each discipline comes with its’ own intricacies and nuances. For short sales, an agent needs to have no less than thirty successful short sale transactions under the belt and should be closing at least one transaction per month. Ask the agent exactly how he handles his short sale listings. That’s exactly what it really comes down to- does the agent have the ability to secure a complete release from any further financial responsibilities from all parties? Make sure they your Huntley Short Sale Realtor explains everything before you get started.